Center for Coastal Studies, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Data Center Description
The Center for Coastal Studies of the Scripps Institution of
Oceanography, UCSD (University of California, San Diego) has developed
an on-line database of physical oceanographical data taken along the
California coast. The data is organized by experiment, and referred
to as the 'Data Zoo.' The animals in this 'zoo' are the individual
data sets. To get listings of all the data in the zoo, search under
the general keyword (expert search) with DATAZOO.
There are five different ways of accessing the 'Data Zoo': gopher, the
World-Wide Web, anonymous ftp, dial-in, and telnet. The last two ways
connect you to a guest gopher account.
Gopher: The Center for Coastal Studies' gopher server runs on the machine (Port 70 which is standard.) Both the top level CCS
gopher server and the Data Zoo have been fully indexed by VERONICA.
Documentation on using gopher is on-line.
WWW: The Center for Coastal Studies and the Data Zoo are also on the
World-Wide Web. The URL, or Uniform Resource Locator, for the CCS
Home Page is
You can get to the Zoo from there.
Anonymous ftp: From your machine on the Internet, type 'ftp'
or 'ftp' You will now be connected to Coast's ftp server.
Use 'anonymous' as your login name, and your e-mail address as your password.
Once logged in, your current working directory is Coast's anonymous
ftp space. The zoo directory is right there. 'cd' into the Zoo and look
around. Of special interest should be the readme and about files. You can
download any files of interest.
Dial-in: UCSD provides a bank of terminal servers from which one can
connect to Coast, the CCS computer housing the Zoo and browsing
tools. For dial-in, set modem to 7-E-1 (7 bits, even parity, 1 stop
bit). Dial into UCSD at either (619)558-9097 or (619)452-8238; both
support 1200, 2400 and 9600bps. CCS plans to get a direct dial in
number in the future. Once connected to the UCSD terminal server you
will get a >> prompt. Type 'set binary' at this prompt. Then type
'connect coast' at the prompt (eg, >>telnet coast). You will now be
connected to Coast. The login name is 'gopher'. This guest account
allows browsing from within a restricted gopher shell.
Telnet: From your machine, type 'telnet', or if you do not
have a Domain Name Server, type 'telnet'. You will now be
connected to Coast (see dial-in instructions). The login name is 'gopher'.
System Contacts -
Principle Investigator: Nan Bray
fax: (619) 534-0300
phone: (619) 534-2193
Technical Contacts: Daniel N. Larsen
fax: (619) 534-0300
phone: (619) 534-2210
Spicer Conant
fax: (619) 534-0300
phone: (619) 534-7561
Suzanne Shull
fax: (619) 534-0300
phone: (619) 534-7561
University of California, San Diego
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Center for Coastal Studies
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, California 92093-0209