Entomology Department, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Australia

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CSIRO Entomology is the largest single organisation in Australia
conducting research into insects, related arthropods and
terrestrial invertebrates. Established in Canberra in 1928, this
Division of CSIRO employs over 300 staff in research centres
around Australia and overseas.

Our international reputation as a centre of excellence in
entomological research is founded upon the quality of our
science and the relevance of our research to economic,
environmental and social issues.

CSIRO Entomology aims to generate economic, social and
environmental benefits for all Australians through research into
insects and their management by:

-understanding the role of insects and other invertebrates in
the natural, urban and rural environments,

-developing safe and sustainable methods of pest and weed management, and

-using insects as models to understand fundamental biological processes.

Research in CSIRO Entomology is arranged into five strategic
research areas: Plant Protection, Product Protection,
Bio-industries, Natural Resource Management and Biosecurity.

We work closely with industry through Australian and
international enterprises; government departments at local,
State and Federal levels; and rural industry R&D
corporations. Much of our research is applied towards the
development of ecologically sustainable strategies for the
management of insect pests and noxious weeds. Other research
focuses on the use of invertebrates as sensitive indicators of
environmental degradation and the development of technologies to
remediate contaminants in the environment.

Through the work of the Australian National Insect Collection -
ANIC (identified by the Commonwealth Government as a Major
Research Facility), we aim to document Australia's insect fauna
and to understand its role in major processes in Australian

Website: http://www.ento.csiro.au/

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