Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute, New South Wales, Australia

Data Center Description
Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute is NSW Agriculture's Centre
of Excellence for Southern Farming Systems and Viticulture

The Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute (WWAI) has a long and
distinguished history in agricultural research. It was
established as the Wagga Wagga Experimental Farm in 1892. The
Centre is dedicated to improving the profitability and
sustainability of agriculture in NSW through industry driven
research, extension and regulatory services. It focuses on
cropping and pasture systems in southern NSW and the State's
expanding viticultural industry.

WWAI occupies 1000 ha, 10km north-west of Wagga Wagga. It has an
associated research station of 700 ha at Temora and is linked
through NSW Agriculture's key industry programs to research
activities at Armidale, Camden, Condobolin, Cowra, Deniliquin,
Glen Innes, Orange, Tamworth, Trangie and Yanco.

WWAI is also linked to an extensive network of advisory,
education and regulatory services across southern NSW. These
services are designed to ensure effective two-way communication
with the farming community and also that research information
reaches the Department's clients. The Institute's key objective
is to help farmers become leaders in operating economically and
environmentally sustainable agricultural systems. Staff
specialise in cereal, oilseed and pulse crop improvement,
pasture production, viticulture, soil management, animal
nutrition and weed, disease, pest and insect
management. Economists, biometricians and analytical chemists
support the biological disciplines.

Website: http://www.agric.nsw.gov.au/reader/1145

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