New South Wales Agriculture, Australia

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NSW Agriculture was established in 1890 as part of the
Department of Mines. Today NSW Agriculture is a modern,
efficient State Government Department, leading the world in
agricultural research, advisory services, education and
regulation and providing practical farm production solutions for
profitable agriculture and for a better environment.

NSW Agriculture takes great pride in its workforce of 2,300
dedicated staff members who are committed to achieving for the
rural communities of NSW a future built on strong, profitable
and sustainable food and fibre industries.

Our advisory staff disseminate the results of practical,
science-based, independent research to help farmers, graziers
and horticulturists apply best practice in their farm management
strategies to meet domestic and export market requirements and
increase profitability. In undertaking this vital function, NSW
Agriculture is determined to make a substantial contribution to
the longterm economic, environmental and social benefit of the

A comprehensive regional laboratory network offers rapid,
accurate and cost-effective diagnostic and analytical services
for plant and animal health. The laboratories also play a lead
role in diagnosing suspected exotic diseases.


[Summary provided by NSW Agriculture]