Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory, Northern Territory Government, Australia

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The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment,
Parks and Wildlife Service was established in November 2001
after the restructuring of Departments following changes to the
administrative arrangements of the Northern Territory

The Department's Parks and Wildlife Service ensures the
Territory's unique fauna, flora and bio-diversity are protected,
both on and off parks and reserves, developing and managing
parks and reserves, while providing an impetus to tourism

The Parks and Wildlife Service is responsible for conserving the
Territories fauna and flora, planning and developing the
Territory's system of terrestrial and marine parks and reserves,
along with other lands. It acts as a management agency for the
Conservation Land Corporation, Aboriginal and other land owners,
managing 91 parks and reserves for conservation and the
provision of high quality nature-based tourism/recreational
experiences for visitors. This does not include Kakadu and Uluru
Kata-Tjuta National Parks which are managed by the Commonwealth
Government authority, Parks Australia, formerly known as the
Australian Nature Conservation Agency.

In undertaking original research into Northern Territory flora
and fauna, the Parks & Wildlife implements management
programs and develops policies and strategies for the
conservation, utilization and management of flora and fauna
throughout the Northern Territory.

The Service is probably most famous for its crocodile management
initiatives. These have seen a growth in the population of the
saltwater crocodile in the wild from about 5000-10,000 in 1974
to the estimated 60,000-70,000 today. This was done through a
program of sustainable use when 8 crocodile farms were
established at the same time as the wild population was
recovering. The Parks and Wildlife Service of the Northern
Territory is acknowledged as a leader in sustainable use
programs for wildlife in Australia.


[Summary provided by Parks and Wildlife Commission of the
Northern Territory]