Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying, Austria

Data Center Description
The BEV - Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying is a
subordinate authority of the Federal Ministry for Economic
Affairs and Labour.

The central office is situated in Vienna. All over Austria there
are 70 regional offices. The Surveying Act and the Metrology
Act form the legal basis for the scope of the activities of the
BEV, divided into the fields Surveying and Geoinformation, and
Metrology Service.

The main tasks of the field Surveying and Geoinformation are
control survey, set-up and maintenance of the cadastre and the
topographic survey. The results of these projects are presented
for all of Austria by plans, maps, aerial photos and
registers. The real estate data, the co-ordinates, the cadastral
map, the landscape model and the topographic and cartographic
models are stored and administered by means of databases.

The Metrology Service of the BEV is the national metrology
institute (NMI) and together with the verification offices the
national legal metrology authority of Austria. As NMI it is the
task of the Metrology Service to maintain the national
measurement standards for the legal units of measurement and to
take care of the international recognition of standards and of
calibration and measurement certificates. On the other hand as
a legal metrology authority it is entrusted with all tasks of
legal metrology.

Website: http://www.bev.gv.at/

[Summary provided by Bundesamt fur Eich- und Vermessungswesen]