Astrophysics Division, National Institute for Space Research, Brazil

Data Center Description
INPE?s Mission is to promote and carry on studies, scientific researches, technological development, and human resources capacitation, in the fields of Space and Atmosphere Sciences, Space Applications, Meteorology, and Space Engineering and Technology, as well as in related domains, in accordance with the policies and guidelines set forth by the Science and Technology Ministry.

Strategic Objectives

The following are INPE?s strategic objectives:

Maintenance of technical-scientific excellence i its working areas, participating in strategic projects intended to assure for the country the leadership in the space technology sector and observation of the tropical environment;
Research, knowledge development, as well as the development or the acquisition of the means, either with its own resources or through international partnerships, in order to secure the country?s access to the benefits arising from the spatial technologies for observing the Earth and the Climate;
The promotion of positive actions along with partner organizations both to develop and to divulge products associated to INPE?s Mission: environmental governmental and non-governmental organizations, corporations of technical bases in the most various sectors, and universities;
The formulation and the conduction of an industrial policy for the spatial sector oriented towards the growth and sustainability of its spatial activities, and, additionally, oriented towards the technological-basis industrial development.

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