Environmental Satellites Ops Division, National Institute for Space Research, Brazil, National Institute for Space Research, Brazil

Data Center Description
The Center for Weather Forecasts and Climate Studies - CPTEC - of the
National Institute for Space Research (INPE) is the gateway of Brazil to
high quality meteorological forecasts. The Center`s supercomputer SX-3/12R,
manufactured by NEC Corporation of Japan, has the capacity to process up
to 3.2 billion floating point arithmetic operations per second. With this it
is possible to use numerical models for simulations of weather and climate,
utilizing atmospheric and oceanic information from the whole globe. The
results of this objective technique are reliable weather and climate
forecasts for the whole country.
CPTEC address:
Centro de Previsco de Tempo e Estudos Climaticos
Rodovia Presidente Dutra, km 40 SPRJ
12630-000, Cachoeira Paulista - SP, Brasil
Phone: + 55 - 12 - 560-8400
FAX: + 55 - 12 - 561-2835
CPTEC is also on the World Wide Web.
Link to: http://www.cptec.inpe.br/
Revision_Date: 1998-07-21