Communications Research Laboratory, Japan

Data Center Description
The Communications Research Laboratory (CRL) has a long history
as the national laboratory responsible for telecommunication
technologies, radio science, and radio applications in
Japan. Today, CRL is expanding its activities to include
fundamental and advanced research in information science, space
communication technologies, terrestrial and planetary
environmental science, time-and-space science, material science,
and quantum electronics.

Telecommunication technologies will play an important role in
the advanced information-intensive society that will let us
enjoy affluent and comfortable lives in the 21st century, and
CRL will develop a great deal of the advanced technology needed
to create this society.

In 1994, the Science and Technology Agency of Japan designated
CRL as a Center of Excellence (COE) for research of advanced
optical communications and sensing technologies. With an open
and liberal research policy, CRL is promoting collaborative
research and researcher exchanges with domestic and foreign
research centers and universities. CRL will continue to make
efforts to become a premier institute in these research fields.


[Summary provided by the CRL]