National Research Institute of Fisheries Science, Fisheries Research Agency, Japan

Data Center Description
The National Research Institute of Fisheries Science (NRIFS)
assumes the responsibility to three categories of study field
as, (1) investigations on fisheries resources, marine
environment and stock enhancement along the southern and central
Pacific coast of Japan, (2) studies on fundamental themes of all
regions in Japan which promote the bases of the regional
investigations and (3) on special fields which cover all Japan
such as food processing and preservation, fisheries management
and economy, and freshwaters fisheries management. To establish
the theories and system for sustainable and effective use of
fisheries resources, our institute promotes the subjects to
clarify the marine production system and fisheries resources
biology, the technique for stock assessment and fisheries
management, and the technology on multifaceted and highly
utilize of fisheries organisms. We also promote the subject to
develop local fisheries industries.


[Summary provided by the NRIFS]