Institute for Space and Astronautical Sciences, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Japan

Data Center Description
ISAS is devoted to space science, to the collaboration of
scientists and engineers to research and develop solid
propellant rockets and scientific satellites to meet the needs
of science researchers. In 1981, the Institute of Space and
Astronautically Science (ISAS) was born as a joint research
organization among Japanese universities. Since the launch of
OHSUMI in 1970, ISAS and its predecessor have launched 25
scientific satellites and explorers. ISAS is now one of the
leading centers of excellence in the world of space science.

In the Space Aeronautics Research and Development Organization
(founded in 2003 by the merger of ISAS, NASDA and NAL), space
science is defined as one of the main pillars of its
activities. It is expected that we will execute more vigorous
research and make further contributions to the progress of
science in the world, combining the powers of researchers at
universities across the country.


[Summary provided by the Institute of Space and Astronautically Science.]