Kochi Prefectural Fisheries Experimental Station, Japan

Data Center Description
The Kochi Prefecture Fisheries Experiment Station was
established as a central test/research institute to promote the
fishery industry in Kochi Prefecture.

Since Kochi Prefectural Fisheries Experimental Station was
established in 1901, we have been engaged in developing new
fishing grounds, improving fishing technology and propagating
the results of our study. Furthermore, in recent years, we have
been making efforts to develop techniques for seedling
production, aquaculture, the conservation of fishing ground
environment, the management of fishery resources etc, to promote
the fisheries of Kochi Prefecture and meet the needs of the

Website: http://read.jst.go.jp/ddbs/plsql/KKN_EG_14?code=E483000000

[Summary provided by The Kochi Prefecture Fisheries Experiment Station.]