National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, Japan

Data Center Description
On April 1, 2001, the National Institute of Advanced Industrial
Science and Technology (the new AIST) began operations. The AIST
is a newborn research organization that comprises 15 research
institutes previously under the former Agency of Industrial
Science and Technology (the former AIST) in the Ministry of
International Trade and Industry and the Weights and Measures
Training Institute.

AIST shall carry out activities regarding: (1) research and
development on industrial science and technology, (2) geological
survey, (3) measurement standards, and (4) technological
applications for the private sector.

Specifically, AIST strives to publish achievements by the
communication of technological information and conduct research
and development respecting three missions as follows:

(a) Establish measurement standards, carry out geological
surveys, and perform research and development of fundamental
technology that requires a high degree of neutrality and
reliability to establish a national techno-infrastructure.

(b) Research and development in fields such as energy and the
environment involve long lead times and require that a high
degree of risk be born before industrial application is
possible. Therefore the government has made AIST responsible for
solving technological problems in these fields.

(c) Promote interdisciplinary research, which is necessary for
the improvement of research and development and to encourage
competition in industry.

In carrying out the above missions, AIST encourages the free
exchange of information among research communities to foster
intellectual creativity. AIST unites the research potentials of
universities, the private sector, and government agencies with
the aim of producing world-class results. At the same time, it
contributes to the intellectual wealth of the nation and,
moreover, to that of humankind through positive activities in
establishing technological standards.


[Summary provided by AIST.]