National Industrial Research Institute of Nagoya, Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, Japan

Data Center Description
The National Industrial Research Institute of Nagoya (NIRIN) is
one of fifteen national institutes, which belong to the Agency
of Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) of the Ministry of
International Trade and Industry (MITI). In order to play an
important technological role on establishment of sustainable
growth of the society, the NIRIN aims to develop new functional
materials and their processing technologies based on creative
research activities.

Present research activities are focused on synthesis of highly
functional materials such as (1) ceramics having synergetic
structure, (2) 'super metal' having nano-scale grains, (3)
ceramics for clearing environmental pollution, (4) bio-ceramics,
(5) ceramics showing super plasticity, (6) oxide materials for
electronic use, (7) materials related to energy, (8) light
metallic materials, (9) functional materials embedded in
nano-sized metal-semiconductor clusters, etc. In order to
synthesize above-mentioned materials, we are going to develop
innovative fabrication processing of materials (so-called
"concerto processing") by simultaneous controlling of processing
time, space and reaction field. We believe those R&D works
contribute to creating a new paradigm of production engineering
in the 21st century.


[Summary provided by NIRN.]