National Institute of Fruit Tree Science, National Agricultural Research Organization, Japan

Data Center Description
The National Institute of Fruit Tree Science (NIFTS) bears the
major burden as the only national institute specializing in and
contributing to the sustainable development of the industry for
fruit and fruit tree.

NIFTS has advanced the cultivation techniques that are gentle to
the environment as well as the method of nurturing superior
quality and variety of fruit, such as apples (Fuji), Japanese
pears (Kosui, Hosui) and citrus fruit (Kiyomi, Dekopon) to name
a few. NIFTS continues to promote research in this field by
maintaining close coordination with administrative bureaus,
universities and prefectural experiment stations and by creating
new avenues of scientific technology with the conviction to lead
in the advancement of this industry.

"To Provide Low Cost, Healthful and Safe Fruit" as the motto,
NIFTS will support, technology-wise, the fruit grower's industry
considering the preservation of the environment.

In addition, NIFTS is engaged in a comprehensive training system
to train and educate young fruit growers. In this way, they can
be well trained in this profession to shoulder the future of
this industry. Emphasis is also placed in training of
technicians as well in this educational program.

Furthermore, for the research coordination and extension of
fruit tree science worldwide, collaboration and technical
cooperation with overseas organizations are also undertaken.


[Summary provided by NIFTS.]