Public Works Research Institute, Ministry of Construction, Japan

Data Center Description
For more than 80 years, the Public Works Research Institute
(PWRI), a national institute of Japan, has been carrying out
multidisciplinary research and development for enhancing civil
engineering technologies and providing quality
infrastructure. Many large-scale testing facilities, a wealth of
research literatures and abundant experiences support our
activities effectively. PWRI has close connections with national
organizations, which construct and manage infrastructures, often
cooperating with academic organizations and private
companies. The fruits of our efforts have significantly been
utilized through improving practical standard specifications and
manuals, and providing technical guidance and training for
infrastructure managers in Japan as well as developing

In April 2001, the old PWRI attached to the Ministry of Land,
Infrastructure and Transport was reorganized as part of sweeping
government reforms into a new type of organization not directly
belonging to the Ministry.


[Sumamry provided by PWRI.]