Hokkaido National Agricultural Experiment Station, Japan

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The Station was first established as an independent prefectural experiment station by the Hokkaido Prefectural Government at the present place in 1909. According to the start of the Hokkaido Colonization Program, the Station was transferred to the national administration as the Oshima Branch of the Hokkaido Agricultural Experiment Station in 1910, having its head-quarter in Sapporo. The Branch Station immediately launched experiments on paddy rice, wheat and beans, and set up a model orchard in 1911 that led to the start of experiments on fruits. For years, it served the Oshima and Hiyama subprefecture for agricultural improvement through the development of new cultivation techniques for paddy and upland-farming, horticulture and the breeding of excellent varieties of paddy rice and soy-bean suitable for the district. In 1950, due to the reorganization of the national system in agricultural research, the Station was again in the control of the Hokkaido Prefectural Government as a branch of Hokkaido Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station. Further reorganization was carried out in 1964 to reinforce the prefectural research activity when all 6 branch stations in Hokkaido were raised to independent experiment stations. The Oshima Branch Station thus became " Hokkaido Prefectural Dohnan Agricultural Experiment Station":"Dohnan" is the term meaning southern Hokkaido formed of Oshima and Hiyama subprefecture. While the Station terminated fruit experiments in 1992, it has been devoted to horticultural research with particular emphasis on greenhouse cultivation of vegetables and flowers since the late 1960s. Since 1971, the Station has been opened to farm advisors and leading farmers who want to be trained to grow crops in greenhouse and it set up Subject Matter Specialist office in 1972 to meet the changes in agricultural background. Since 1981, the Station has been equipped with facilties for horticultural research such as green houses for the investigation of environmental factors and flower experiments. It also carries out rice breeding which has a long and brilliant history in this district.

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