Center for Global Environmental Research, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan

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The Center for Global Environmental Research (CGER) has been tasked with heading the priority program on climate change. We have added four new research sections to the Center in order to respond to this challenge. In addition, CGER?s previous activities in climate change research, such as monitoring and database creation, have now been made an integral unit of the priority program on climate change to allow a more strategic approach to their implementation.

Since its inauguration, GCER has been engaged in supporting and integrating global environmental research and monitoring the global environment. We have been keeping an eye on developments in domestic and international research on the global environment and contemplating the necessary framework to support such research. In addition to getting involved in relevant projects and responding to newly identified needs, we are also keeping our eyes set on the future in order to further expand our activities. In recent years, we have been strengthening our role as a headquarters for offices such as the Global Carbon Project International Office, the Greenhouse Gas Inventory Office, and the AsiaFlux Office. Furthermore, from this year, we are going to be acting as a hub of collaboration on earth observation in the field of climate change.

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