Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Namibia

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Established in 1991, the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources was tasked with the sustainable utilisation of Namibia's living aquatic resources. Before independence the former administration had jurisdiction over 12 nautical mile territorial waters, while the remainder was managed by the International Commission for South East Atlantic Fisheries (ICSEAF). Some of the stocks fished under ICSEAF jurisdiction were inherited in an extremely over fished state, and a process of rebuilding the stocks was embarked upon. The new Ministry embarked upon a strategy for investment in vessels, setting up onshore facilities and getting Namibians involved in the fishing industry. Alongside these activities measures have been adopted to assure the sustainability of resource utilisation in the long run.

By implementing stringent fisheries management policies, the Ministry is now well on course with the complex process of re-building fish stocks. Namibia established a 200 nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and has successfully managed to eliminate illegal fishing activities by foreign fleets. Special incentives for fisheries industrial development have attracted foreign and local interests and shore based processing plants have grown both in numbers and have diversify products.

The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources has the Mandate to sustainably manage the living aquatic resources and promote the aquaculture sector.

Mission - Responsibly manage living aquatic resources to continuously ensure a conducive environment for the fishing and aquaculture sector to prosper.

Vision -To be a leading fishing nation with a well developed aquaculture industry.

Ministerial Objectives
- Sustainable utilization of living aquatic resources and the ecosystem.
- Effective planning & regulatory framework.
- Increase capacity for Namibian?s in the fishing and aquaculture industries.
- Investment in human and information capital.

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