Korea Aerospace Research Institute

Data Center Description
Perform basic and applied studies in aerospace technology:

*Development of leading-edge technology aircraft, aircraft evaluation and testing, and support of national development projects

*Research and development and launching of artificial satellites, and development of technology for satellite applications

*Development and launching of space launch vehicles, and operation of Space Center

Perform government-delegated tasks and support policy development:

*Development of technology for assuring aerospace safety and quality, and maintenance of legal quality certification and internationally recognized certification systems

*Establishment and support of the National Aerospace Development Policy and dissemination of knowledge on aerospace technology

Support industries and transfer technology:

*Joint utilization of testing facilities and equipment with industries and academia, and training of scientists and engineers

*Transfer of technology from research and development and provisions for commercialization support

Data Center URL
URL: http://www.kari.re.kr/eng/index.asp