Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute, Republic of Korea

Data Center Description
Since its establishment in 1973, the Korea Ocean Research and
Development Institute (KORDI) has been striving to achieve
higher standards in ocean science and technology, and to secure
public understanding of, and commitment to, the role of the
marine sector in the national development of public welfare.

KORDI is currently carrying out researches on climate change,
marine ecosystem responses and prediction in the East Sea,
marine ranching, Saemankum reclamation area environment
preservation study, Ieodo ocean observation station on a
submerged rock, deep seawater development, ocean defense, other
studies such as WOCE and CLIVAR, studies on global waters
including deep seabed exploration program, Antarctic and Arctic
studies through both polar stations, and regional studies
through joint research centers in China and South Pacific.

Website: http://www.kordi.re.kr/eng/index.asp

[Summary provided by KORDI.]