Russian Research Institute for Marine Fishing and Oceanography, Russia

Data Center Description
The Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and
Oceanography (VNIRO) was founded in 1933 and became an heir to
Russian traditions in fisheries researches.

VNIRO is the head research institute in the system of government
organizations authorized to conduct studies, conservation, and
reproduction of fish resources. The system includes AzNIIRKH,
AtlantNIRO, KamchatNIRO, CaspNIRKH, PINRO with its Northern
Department, SakhNIRO, TINRO-Centre with its branches in Magadan,
Khabarovsk, and Chukchi Peninsula.

The VNIRO principal objectives can be formulated as follows:
accumulation of modern fisheries knowledge as a basis for
Russian fisheries development and protection of industrial
interests at interdepartmental and international levels; and
further development of the system of research institutions,
coordination, and advancement in their activities.


[Summary provided by VNIRO.]