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Data Center Description is the web site for Earth Reference Data and Models. This web resource uses the vision of a 'global reference model' to provide an Information Technology (IT) infrastructure for the Earth sciences. This emphasizes the marriage of the 'scientific process' (and its results) with the development of a general Cyberinfrastructure in the Earth sciences. Such an approach is essential in the design of research databases, their metadata needs and semantic linkages. Much attention has been paid to these issues while designing to be optimized for sharing and linking data in an interdisciplinary approach to databases. Eight databases reside under the umbrella of (1) the Geochemical Earth Reference Model (GERM) database contains geochemical abundance data for reservoirs in the Earth; (2) the partition coefficient database contains Kd estimates for various rock-types and minerals; (3) the seamount catalog archives maps, grid files and multibeam data for seamounts; (4) the Magnetics Information Consortium (MagIC) databases contain analytical data for paleo- and rock-magnetism; (5) the EarthRef Digital Archive (ERDA) holds any digital object as uploaded by scientists for free; (6) the EarthRef Reference Database (ERR) holds more than 80,000 publications including PDF images of the abstracts, data tables, methods and appendices for more than 1,800 publications, together with their digitized contents in Microsoft Word and Excel formats; (7) the EarthRef Address Book (ERAB) contains contact information for all contributors, authors, sample archivers and analysts; (8) the educational ERESE (NSDL) web portal that offers Enduring Resources for Earth Science Education to students from middle and high school to the specialist Earth scientists.

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