Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom

Data Center Description
This is a UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) research establishment which has a
division which deals with civilian earth observation activities. The two main
operational activities for the satellite Remote Sensing Technology Division
are the operation of the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) and the
development of the UK Earth Observation Data Centre (EODC). These activities
are backed up by a strong research programme specifically concentrating on
microwave and near-real time applications.
The RAE maintains and owns an archive of satellite imagery, mainly covering
the UK, but also many other areas of the world. These archives contain data
from most of the earth observation satellites since the mid-1970's. User
access to these archives is through the National Remote Sensing Centre.
The work of the RAE is mainly sponsored by the British National Space Centre
and the Ministry of Defence.
Contacts:Graham Davison
Q134 Building
Royal Aerospace Establishment,
Hampshire, GU14 6TD
Telephone: 0252-24461 ex 3131