Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Natural Environment Research Council, United Kingdom

Data Center Description
The Plymouth Marine Laboratory [PML] is an independent and
impartial collaborative centre of the Natural Environment
Research Council [NERC]. On the 1st April 2002 PML transferred
from being a wholly owned NERC research centre to form an
independent organization with charitable status. The new PML
Group comprises PML (a company limited by guarantee, registered
in England & Wales, with charitable status) and a trading
subsidiary - to facilitate the exploitation of PML research and
its products and to provide a more appropriate interface for
working with industrial and commercial partners.

The primary driver of research activity at PML is to carry out
fundamental, core strategic and applied research of a
world-class standard. Research at PML has always been timely and
highly relevant to UK and international societal needs. The core
research program has the mission to contribute to the issues of
global change and sustainability, which are of worldwide


[Summary provided by The Plymouth Marine Laboratory.]