Air Force Combat Climatology Center, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Department of Defense

Data Center Description
The Air Force Combat Climatology Center (AFCCC) provides users
with air weather information for general aviation purposes. The
following are standard products available from the website.

1. AEF Climatologies: Using standard ACC routes, these products
show the historical probability that a mission will have an
abort base with weather minimums for each leg of the deployment

2. Advanced Climate Modeling and Environmental Simulations
(ACMES): ACMES is an AFCCC project in development that provides
high-resolution climatology information for anywhere in the
world, especially in regions where existing surface
observational data is sparse or non-existent. Numerous regions
are now available.

3. Cloud Ceiling Climatology Atlas: Displays a climatological
occurrence frequency of a cloud ceiling at and below a given
mean sea level height over a region/area. Images are displayed
using a graduated color scheme and are available for all
months. They may be displayed as a single image or looped.

4. Ceiling/Visibility Climatology Atlas: Displays a
climatological percent frequency of occurrence of a ceiling with
a particular visibility for a region/area. Images are displayed
using a graduated color scheme. All months are available. They
may be displayed as a single image or looped.

5. Lightning Climatology: Analysts can provide cloud-to-ground
lightning-strike climatology for anywhere in the CONUS. Data
format options include graphs and tables of monthly and diurnal
variations of average lightning strikes and isopleth analyses of
average strikes for each of eight regions or for the entire

6. Potential Icing Climatology Atlas: Provides users with a
climatological representation of possible icing conditions over
a particular region. Images are available for every month and
are broken into 11 height categories. They may be displayed as a
single image or animated.

7. Rapid R-Factor Computation Tables: Users are able to compute
(directly on the web page) Pressure Reduction Ratios or
R-Factors using two computation tables.

8. Theater Climatic Probabilities (TCPs): TCPs are extensive
graphics that show monthly climatology elements for designated
areas. Staff weather officers/NCOs can use these products to
brief operational planners and staffs.

9. Thunderstorm Frequency Climatology Atlas: Displays a
climatological frequency occurrence of how often thunderstorms
happen over a particular area/region. Data is based on the
Operational Climatic Data Summary (OCDS) database and is
available for all months. Images can be viewed singularly or