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Data Center Description
Description and Background:

The Engineer Research and Development Center's (ERDC)
Topographic Engineering Center (TEC) was designated by the
Office of the Assistant Chief of Engineers in 1990 to act as the
U.S. Army's Commercial and Civil Imagery Acquisitions
monitor. This action was designed to prevent Army
agencies/organizations from duplicating commercial imagery

Key capabilities:

Efficient management of the research, acquisition, and
distribution of imagery and products is increasingly important
as U.S. Army units expand their use of this technology. TIO
serves several functions in its role as monitor, as defined in a
Memorandum of Understanding signed by the U.S. Army and
U.S. Geological Survey on Nov. 26, 1990. These include acting as
the U.S. Army's primary point-of-contact for commercial/civil
imagery sources to support engineer and terrain analysis
operations and applications, acting as the monitor for all
U.S. Army purchases of commercial imagery, and serving as a
repository of purchases and any scenes available to Department
of Defense (DoD) that are crucial to Army missions.

Current Status:

Procure current and historical data for U.S. Army and DoD
customers, with funding split between specified Army units when
available, and with other monies provided by the customer. As
the many planned future systems launch, all systems will be used
for supporting DoD military and civil planning, training,
operational and humanitarian requirements

Website: http://www.tec.army.mil/tio/

[Summary provided by the TEC Imagery Office]