Office of Transportation and Air Quality, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Data Center Description
The EPA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality web page provides
links to information on air pollutants and greenhouse gases from
transportation and other mobile sources.

Mobile Source Emissions -Past, Present, and Future provides general
information on the different air pollutants that are produced by
mobile sources and fuels, the various programs that OTAQ has
undertaken to control emissions of those pollutants, and the impact
those programs have had on emissions.

Air Toxics provides information on a variety of mobile source air
toxics (which are chemicals that are known or suspected to be
hazardous to human health) and their environmental and public health
effects. Topics include an integrated urban air toxics strategy and
the National Toxic Inventory for on-highway vehicles, nonroad sources,
aircraft, commercial marine vessels, and locomotives.

Climate Change provides information on the contribution of the
transportation sector of the economy to overall emissions of carbon
dioxide and other so-called "greenhouse gases" that are believed to
contribute to possible climatic changes globally.


[Summary provided by the EPA.]