National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory, Office of Research and Development, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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The National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory
(NHEERL) is the Agency's focal point for scientific research on the
effects of contaminants and environmental stressors on human health
and ecosystem integrity. Its research mission and goals help the
Agency to identify and understand the processes that affect our health
and environment, and helps the Agency to evaluate the risks that
pollution poses to humans and ecosystems. The impact of NHEERL's
efforts can be felt far beyond the EPA, by enabling state and local
governments to implement effective environmental programs, assisting
industry in setting and achieving environmental goals, and
collaborating with international governments and organizations on
issues of environmental importance.

In addition to its own internal research focus, the Laboratory fosters
cooperative research projects with academic and other scientific
institutions which compliment the objectives of the EPA, while
ensuring that the Agency receives the benefit of the highest quality
peer-reviewed science. NHEERL conducts a multi disciplinary research
program that strives to reduce the uncertainties inherent in assessing
risk. These uncertainties vary in scope from fundamental scientific
questions requiring sustained, long-term research strategies to
Congressionally-mandated investigations that demand an immediate
response. Accordingly, NHEERL balances long-term and short-term
research objectives, combining elements of both basic and applied
sciences to provide a unique blend of research capabilities.


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