Narragansett Bay Estuary Program, National Estuary Program, Oceans, Coasts and Estuaries, Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds, Office of Water, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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Mission: To protect and preserve Narragansett Bay through partnerships that
conserve and restore natural resources, enhance water quality and promote
community involvement. The Narragansett Bay Estuary Program (NBEP) started in
1985 under the name, the Narragansett Bay Project and included in the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency's National Estuary Program, established by
Congress in 1987 to protect nationally significant estuaries threatened by
pollution, development or overuse.

* to prevent further degradation and incrementally improve water quality in
developing coastal areas with deteriorating water quality;
* to protect diminishing high quality resource areas throughout the Bay
* to more effectively manage commercially, recreationally, and ecologically
important estuarine-dependent living resources;
* to rehabilitate degraded waters in the Bay watershed and restore water
quality-dependent uses of Narragansett Bay;
* to establish necessary interstate and interagency agreements and mechanisms
to coordinate and oversee implementation of the Narragansett Bay Comprehensive
Conservation and Management Plan.


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