Airborne Visible Infrared Imaging Spectrometer Data Facility, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA

Data Center Description
The AVIRIS Data Facility, or ADF,is responsible for low-level
processing (up to level 1B), data archiving, and data distribution,
along with assisting the hardware team in judging the performance of
the AVIRIS instrument and modeling instrument anomalies. The nominal
processing chain is as follows: Receipt of AVIRIS Instrument tape

Performance evaluation

-Tape scan and run confirmation
Download and decommutation of first and last science runs
Archive and quicklook generation of first and last science runs
Performance Evaluation Program (PEP) execution

-Download and decommutation of remaining runs

-Archive and quicklook generation of remaining runs

-"Reduced" quicklook processing for all runs and insertion into the
AVIRIS Anonymous FTP Site.

In addition, output products are generated and distributed based on
requests in a queue independent of the above chain. Outside the
processing chains are tasks like making images for presentations and
the JPL Public Information Office.


[Summary provided by NASA.]