Atmospheric Infrared Sounder, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA

Data Center Description
The AIRS Project at JPL provides a wide range of services to the AIRS user
community. Our first and foremost responsibility is to keep the AIRS and AMSU
instruments operating and their raw data products calibrated. Several agencies
use the AIRS data operationally for weather forecast predictions. Any gaps in
data or changes in the calibration will result in troublesome delays to
recalibrate and possibly reduce forecast accuracies or affect climate trending.
For this reason, we attempt to make no changes to the raw calibrated radiance
data products and have not done so since launch.

The development of AIRS products is a team activity. The Standard Data Products
(Level 2) are produced from one "Product Generation System" (PGS). JPL
integrates the algorithms and source code from several members of the NASA AIRS
Science Team into the PGS then tests and validates the products. The PGS is
then sent to NOAA and the GSFC DAAC for operational processing and
distribution. All products are released to the public regardless of their
validation status. We have an open-door policy on the AIRS Project since we
believe that the products can only improve if they are diagnosed by a wide
range of users. Please read the validation report prior to use of any of the
AIRS data products from a particular version of the PGS to be sure the data are
suitable for scientific investigations.


[Summary provided by NASA.]

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