Florida Coastal Everglades, Long-Term Ecological Research Network Office

Data Center Description
The Florida Coastal Everglades LTER site is part of the LTER Network
which is funded by the National Science Foundation. They are
investigating how variability in regional climate, freshwater inputs,
disturbance, and perturbations affect the coastal Everglades
ecosystem. Our long term research program will focus on testing the
following central idea and hypotheses:

Regional processes mediated by water flow control population and
ecosystem level dynamics at any location within the coastal Everglades
landscape. This phenomenon is best exemplified in the dynamics of an
estuarine oligohaline zone where fresh water draining
phosphorus-limited Everglades marshes mixes with water from the more
nitrogen-limited coastal ocean.

Website: http://fcelter.fiu.edu/

[Summary provided by Florida Coastal Everglades LTER.]