Plum Island Ecosystem, Long-Term Ecological Research Network Office

Data Center Description
The Plum Island Ecosystems (PIE) research site, located on the
northeastern Massachusetts coast, is part of the National Science
Foundation's (NSF) Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network.
PIE-LTER research is conducted by scientists from the Ecosystems
Center at the Marine Biological Laboratory, the University of South
Carolina, the Massachusetts Audubon Society, the Wells National
Estuarine Research Reserve, the University of New Hampshire and Clark
University. Interdisciplinary research has been conducted in the Plum
Island Sound estuary since the late 1980?s with support from the NSF
Division of Environmental Biology.Research greatly expanded in 1992
with support from the NSF Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER)
program.The site became part of the LTER network in 1998, being the
first of 4 sites to focus on the effect of terrestrial and oceanic
drivers on ecosystems at the land-sea interface.


[Summary provided by PIE LTER.]