Research Data Program, Earth Observing Laboratory, National Center for Atmospheric Research, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Data Center Description
The Research Data Program (RDP) provides leadership, coordination and
infrastructure for Data Services and Computer Systems to the
Atmospheric Technology Division (ATD) and its community.

RDP stimulates, coordinates and participates in data management
activities for the Division. We coordinate and participate in the
development of data management tools, manage the ATD data archives and
fulfill data orders for all ATD platforms. The RDP will assist in the
ATD implementation of UCAR metadata conventions and data services.
The Research Data Archive provides information on data collected and
sample data displays from major ATD programs. Also, here is a link to
the MSS retrieval web page for requesting ATD data from calendar year
2000 and beyond (some older data exist there as well). Here is our
data plan document .


[Summary provided by UCAR.]

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