National Archives and Records Administration

Data Center Description
The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is not a
dusty hoard of ancient history. It is a public trust on which
our democracy depends. It enables people to inspect for
themselves the record of what government has done. It enables
officials and agencies to review their actions and helps
citizens hold them accountable. It ensures continuing access to
essential evidence that documents:

-the rights of American citizens

-the actions of federal officials

-the national experience

To be effective, we at NARA must do the following:

-determine what evidence is essential for such documentation

-ensure that government creates such evidence

-make it easy for users to access that evidence regardless of
where it is, where they are, for as long as needed

-find technologies, techniques, and partners worldwide that can
help improve service and hold down cost

-help staff members continuously expand their capability to make
the changes necessary to realize the vision


[Summary provided by NARA]