Cartographic Section, United Nations

Data Center Description
The Cartographic Section of the United Nations provides general
country profile maps, peacekeeping maps and various thematic

The Cartographic Section also provides Geographic Information
and Resources. These are:

1. Working Group: UNGIWG
The United Nations Geographical
Information Working Group has been established in March 2000.

2. Documentation:
List of Territories Capital city, country code
and country name of each member and non-member State is
listed. The list is meant to be used in conjunction with the
Terminology Bulletin of Country Names.

3. Working Group: UNGEGN
(Link to the UNGEGN web site (United
Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names)

4. More resources: Map Library
The Map Collection houses over 80,000 maps, some 3,000 atlases,
gazetteers, travel guides, cartographic and geographic reference
works as well as digital cartographic products.