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Aquaculture is both a modern and a traditional sector that is
responsible for providing many fresh fish and seafood products
to the European consumer. As such, it is a dynamic part of the
fisheries sector, which seeks to be responsible, transparent and

Aquaculture has become an extremely important provider of fish
with essential nutritional qualities. It also makes a crucial
contribution to the socio-economic infrastructure in many rural
areas of Europe, indeed the world.

In presenting Aquamedia, fish farmers recognise that their duty
as producers of high quality food, as well as fish for the
restocking and sport fisheries, goes beyond that of merely
growing fish that are demanded by the market.

Aquamedia's purpose is to tell the story of aquaculture in an
open and transparent way to all those who are interested in what
it does. Throughout Europe aquaculture is, quite properly,
highly regulated by both national and European
legislation. Furthermore, fish farmers also want the consumers
of their fish to understand what they do, how they do it and to
share the news, development and, in some cases, the problems,
that exist.

The members of FEAP, who are the national producer associations
and whose members are the farmers themselves, represent the vast
majority of the farmed species throughout Europe. They operate
under the Federation's own Code of Conduct. Many associations
also have their own, very much more detailed, Codes of Best
Practice. All these codes are binding and are designed to
maintain and indeed improve farming standards.

Many farmers are grouped together still further, usually
nationally, to operate under Quality Assurance Schemes; national
authorities regularly inspect these schemes and their products
can be recognised in the market by a kite mark.

Aquamedia goes beyond even this because it presents the process
of aquaculture truthfully for consumers, researchers and those
who are studying the procedures of food production. Aquamedia is
constantly being updated and reviewed. New information is being
made available and is being prepared all the time in the many
nations who are contributors to this initiative.


[Summary provided by Aquamedia]