Bermuda Biological Station for Research

Data Center Description
The Bermuda Biological Station for Research (BBSR), Inc. became a
year-round research center, starting in 1954 with the establishment of
Hydrostation "S": regular, repeated deep-sea observations that
continue today, creating the longest continuous oceanic database in
the world. Over the next few decades, increasing numbers of visiting
scientists brought an increased emphasis on biological and geological
studies. The Bermuda Government established a monitoring program of
Bermuda's inshore waters and marine communities which continues today.

Resident scientific programs strengthened in the 1980s as BBSR became
a key link in an international effort to describe and understand the
ocean/atmosphere system on a global scale. BBSR is now one of two
U.S. centers for time-series studies on temporal variability in the
ocean and the impact of the ocean on global climate change, under the
auspices of the Joint Global Ocean Flux Study.

In 1998, BBSR established the International Center for Ocean and Human
Health, considered the first of its kind on an international scale to
explore the ocean health/human health connection. In 1999, BBSR
established the Center for Integrated Ocean Observations, which uses
new technologies to build on almost a century of marine research at


[Summary provided by BBSR.]