Conservation Technology Information Center

Data Center Description
The Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC) is a national,
nonprofit public-private partnership working to promote soil and water
quality and equip agriculture with affordable, integrated management
solutions. CTIC envisions agriculture using environmentally
beneficial and economically viable natural resource systems.

CTIC leads the development of public/private partnerships which
promote the enhancement of soil and water quality by equipping
agriculture with realistic, affordable, and integrated solutions.
Most of the Center?s activities are in the following major areas:

-Clearinghouse. Reviews and communicates new research, technologies
and innovative approaches. The Center also refers inquirers to

-Facilitator of national messages and activities. Works with public
and private sector National Partners to assure consistent messages
reach those who influence farm management decisions.

-Sponsor interactive meetings, conferences and tours to increase
communication and understanding between the public and private sectors
i involved with natural resource management decisions on cropland.


[Summary provided by The Conservation Technology Information Center.]