International Seismological Centre

Data Center Description
The International Seismological Centre is a non-governmental
organization charged with the final collection, analysis and
publication of standard earthquake information from all over the
world. Earthquake readings are received from almost 3,000 seismograph
stations representing every part of the globe.

The Centre's main task is to re-determine earthquake locations making
use of all available information, and to search for new earthquakes,
previously unidentified by individual agencies. Its output is
available as a series of publications, in printed form or on compact
disks. In addition, special consulting work is carried out on
request. The Centre's publications are a source of fundamental data
for application to seismological problems such as the structure of the
Earth, earthquake mechanism and prediction: but its definitive lists
of earthquakes are also invaluable in many other fields including the
estimation of seismic hazard for engineering and insurance purposes.


[Summary provided by The International Seismological Centre.]