National Center for Genome Research

Data Center Description
Since its inception in 1994, The National Center for Genome Resources,
a non-profit, bioinformatics research center, has devoted itself to
pursuing research in the scientific community and catalyzing
collaborative projects that contribute to improvements in agriculture,
health, and the quality of life.

NCGR continues to contribute to bioinformatics and computational
systems biology research by offering free downloadable software to the
scientific community.

Through our research programs, NCGR develops technologies that help
scientists comprehend biological data. People around the world can
benefit from our research programs through improved food crops, a
cleaner environment, and better medical treatments.

Scientists who use our programs or collaborate with us choose NCGR
because we provide unique opportunities for understanding data. The
Center's research programs focus on genomics, biochemical pathways,
and gene expression.


[Summary provided by The National Center for Genome Resources.]