Watershed Watch Salmon Society

Data Center Description
The Watershed Watch Salmon Society mission is to elevate the level of
dialogue surrounding wild salmon and salmon habitat, and to improve
our chances of saving salmon.

Goals include:

1. Continue broadening and deepening the dialogue and debate about
wild fish and wild fish habitat.

2. Make salmon conservation more of a mainstream subject.

3. Promote the conservation of other wild fish, such as sturgeon,
oolichan, and rockfish, to foster synergies, and thereby better
protect the integrity of watersheds and marine ecosystems.

4. Encourage a serious upgrading of municipal, regional, provincial
and federal governments' measuring and managing of the public's water.

5. Maintain a prominent role in advancing risk-averse and selective
recreational, commercial and aboriginal salmon fisheries, including:

6. Moving selective fisheries more inland to further minimize risks of
mixed-stock fishing.

7. Promoting value-added fisheries?catch-and-release angling,
value-added processing, tourist-centered activities, and stock

8. Survey foremost fisheries biologists / conservationists /
economists, to contribute to the compilation of a comprehensive,
up-to-date, annotated bibliography on the subject of wild salmon
trends, and in order to:

9. Upgrade fisheries management.
Clarify our chances of saving salmon.
Identify the greatest threats to salmon.

10. Continue to alert the public to the dangers of techno-fixes (such
as hatcheries), and the advantages of preserving biodiversity.

11. Support watershed allies by providing help through writing,
editing, presenting, partnering and sharing of information (e.g., by
assisting in an evolving information-sharing protocol with First
Nations), and also through shared activities?with the Vancouver
Foundation, Habitat Conservation Trust Fund, Grizzly Bear Trust Fund,
and other funders.

Website: http://www.watershed-watch.org/

[Summary provided by the Watershed Watch Salmon Society.]