Huntsman Marine Science Centre, Atlantic Reference Centre

Data Center Description
The Huntsman Marine Science Centre (HMSC) is a unique independent
not-for-profit scientific institution; with a mission of education, research,
and technology transfer to industry. Located near the mouth of the Bay of
Fundy, in eastern Canada, the HMSC is perfectly positioned to access one of the
world's most biologically diverse marine ecosystems.

The Atlantic Reference Centre, a joint program with Fisheries & Oceans Canada,
is a unique and important part of the HMSC. It is well known throughout the
Maritimes for its extensive collections of marine life.

ARC Staff Research Topics:

* ontogeny, taxonomy, systematics, and evolution - crustaceans and fishes
* marine benthic biodiversity and ecology
* environmental baseline research, monitoring, and impact assessment
* morphological assaying
* procedures for biological sample processing and museum curation
* Publications - see Publications link in Research submenu in the
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