Friends of Casco Bay

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In 1989 Friends of Casco Bay (FOCB) was organized by concerned citizens in
response to "Troubled Waters," an alarming report that claimed that Casco Bay
was one of the most polluted estuaries in the nation. The grassroots
organization quickly became embroiled in two controversial issues: a proposed
new marina in Portland and sewage treatment on Peaks Island. The group soon
recognized that it needed someone to work with interested parties to find
collaborative solutions. Within two years the organization hired its first
staff person, Joe Payne, as Casco BAYKEEPER. Friends of Casco Bay has been the
leading environmental organization working to improve and protect the
environmental health of Casco Bay through advocacy, education, collaborative
partnerships, and water quality monitoring. The orgainzation addresses threats
to the water quality of the Bay from oil spills, sewage discharges, toxic
sediments, stormwater pollutants, vessel discharges, dredging spoils, and
pesticides and fertilizers.


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