Mount Desert Island Water Quality Coalition

Data Center Description
The Mount Desert Island Water Quality Coalition, a nonprofit organization, is
supported and driven by island residents, businesses and visitors alike. We
believe working cooperatively with the wide diversity of people who have a
stake in the quality of MDI's water is the only way to achieve our goals.

Our methods of data collection and presentation adhere to strict scientific
standards. As a result, our efforts have earned recognition and credibility
throughout the community.

The Coalition is a model for other communities of how to foster a working
relationship between students and teachers with community volunteers, engaging
them together in the process of solving environmental problems. Through the
MDIWQC programs, young (and not-so young) people learn about the strength of
their voices and achieve a sense of ownership of MDI. This encourages them to
sustain community environmental improvements and changed behaviors.

Through community education and outreach, the Coalition strives to help
islanders voluntarily change behaviors that could harm MDI's water quality,
without the time consuming and financial drain that traditional "top-down"
legislative change would involve.


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