The Lobster Conservancy

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The Lobster Conservancy (TLC) works with fishermen and volunteers throughout
the Gulf of Maine region to sustain a thriving lobster fishery through science
and community. Our approach to scientific research and public education is to
actively involve stakeholders in the process of doing science, and to
disseminate the knowledge obtained from such research back to stakeholders, as
well as fisheries managers and scientists. We study the life of the lobsters
from egg to plate by working with citizens from kindergarten to
post-retirement. This approach fosters a stewardship ethic by (1) adding to the
knowledge base required to understand how to protect the lobster resource, (2)
sharing information with policy makers and stakeholders, and (3) creating a
sense of community around a resource. TLC's base of operations is located in
Friendship, a small fishing village along mid-coast Maine.


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