NatureServe, Canada

Data Center Description
More Information:

To be the authoritative source for accessible, current and reliable
information on the distribution and abundance of Canada's indigenous
biological diversity. We are committed to:

? high quality science;
? high quality service;
? objectivity;
? universal access and education;
? our Canadian and international network;
? the conservation of biological diversity.

What is NatureServe?

NatureServe Canada advances the goals of the Conservation Data Centres
(CDC), Natural Heritage Information Centres (NHIC), Natural Heritage
Programs and associated organizations whose mission is to provide
information on the distribution, abundance, and conservation needs of
rare species and natural communities to governments, industries,
researchers, NGOs, and individuals.

NatureServe Canada enables its members to operate as a network by
sharing technologies, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and
experience, and by facilitating the development of
multi-jurisdictional information products and services.

NatureServe Canada, formerly known as the Association for Biodiversity
Information (or ABI-Canada), was incorporated in 1994 as a private
nonprofit association. It is governed by a Board of Directors elected
from among the directors of the Conservation Data Centres, Natural
Heritage Information Centres and Natural Heritage Programs.

Who makes up the Canadian Section? Our members include six provincial
CDC/NHIC programs and one regional CDC program. We are the British
Columbia Conservation Data Centre, the Alberta Natural Heritage
Information Centre, the Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre, the
Manitoba Conservation Data Centre, the Ontario Natural Heritage
Information Centre,the Quebec Natural Heritage Data Centre, and the
Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre.

Objectives ?

To support and strengthen member Conservation Data
Centres across Canada, and to assist with the creation of new Canadian
programs. ? To increase the awareness of Canadians on the nature and
extent of Canada's rich indigenous biological diversity.

To serve the Canadian public by gathering, interpreting and
distributing standardized information on the conservation status of
wild species and communities.

To build dynamic, accurate, and comprehensive national, international
and ecoregional databases on the distribution, character, and
conservation status of indigenous species and natural communities in
Canada and North America.

To build relationships with organizations, agencies and individuals
who will best use the data.

To operate NatureServe Canada as a not-for-profit, financially
independent Canadian corporation; and to ensure the continuity and
financial stability of NatureServe Canada as a permanent program by
establishing working relationships with other organizations which
recognize the value of, and have a need for, better information on
Canadian and hemispheric indigenous biological diversity.