Vermont Center for Geographic Information

Data Center Description
VCGI is a public non-profit supported in part by the State of Vermont (through the property transfer tax) and in part through grants and fees paid for the products and services it provides to clients (e.g. the VT Agency of Transportation and the VT Enhanced 9-1-1 Board).

The storage and provision of free digital geographic data created by members of the VT GIS community are two of the most important tasks that VCGI performs. Anyone can visit the VCGI web site to download this GIS data. If you are not familiar with the term "GIS", click here.

VCGI also does the following:

* Develops data standards, guidelines, and procedures
* Develops and assists in the development of essential statewide databases
* Develops and hosts interactive map applications to increase the public's access to information
* Performs outreach and training to current and potential GIS users
* Supports the VT Spatial Data Partnership (an informal membership organization)

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