Alaska State Climate Center, Alaska

Data Center Description
The Alaska State Climate Center provides climatological information and and
official weather data to the public.

The Climate Center maintains a small library of publications,
technical documents and a collection of historical records of special interest
to researchers interested in Alaskan and Arctic weather and climate. We also
maintain an extensive microfiche collection of surface maps and sea ice
analyses. These publications are available to view at our office.

The Alaska State Climate Center provides both unofficial and
certified weather data for select Alaska stations. Through agreements with the
National Climate Data Center and the Western Region Climate Center, the Alaska
State Climate Center provides climate data to researchers and the public.
Please see our Observations and Climatological Data page for a list of

The Climate Center is the source for a collection of
climatological summaries and publications. The climate center has, in the past,
published several studies of Alaskan climate. These publications are available
from the Climate Center. Please see our Publications page for a detailed list
of publications and their availability.


[Summary provided by the University of Alaska.]

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